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Name: Chris         Location: Bedford    Date of Holiday: Dec 14

Snow fabulous this year. Slopes in great condition and lifts 
flowing easily - Alpe d'Huez running smoothly as usual. Shame
they couldn't get the Union flag the right way up at the Bergers!

Name: Sophie        Location: W Sussex   Date of Holiday: Feb 14

The ski resort was amazing, and the ski instructors were
brilliant! In particular Philippe, who taught me in a beginners
group. He was very kind and funny, and taught me everything I
needed to know! 

The mountains are absolutely beautiful, going up the chair lifts
is brilliant going over the mountains. The French people are very
nice and friendly, along with everyone that works in and around
the resort. I stayed here for over a week and enjoyed every bit
of it, and would love to come back here again.

Name: Mike          Location: Teesside   Date of Holiday: Jan 13

Our first visit to Alpe d'Huez! We were a group of 9 chaps
aged 45-65 with many years skiing between us and had a terrific
holiday. Read full review

Name: Steve         Location: North East Date of Holiday: Feb 12

The resort was amazing; it had lots of mixed difficulty runs and
was a great choice for a holiday. A lot of the runs where wide
and suitable for beginners and it had great runs for intermediate
skiers as well. There were lots of challenging black runs for
advanced skiers and these where nearly always open and not
crowded at all. The lift system was good, you didn’t have to
queue long and it was very efficient. We had brilliant weather 

Everyone that worked at the resort was very helpful and I would
recommend booking with Crystal. They provided easy transfers even
though our flights were delayed and took a lot of the hassle out
of booking a family holiday. We stayed at the Petit Prince hotel
which was lovely, had great food, a fun relaxed bar and the rooms
where very modern and functional. It was great for our kids who
couldn't keep away from the table football or pool table! The
hotel also served crepes on the balcony in sunny weather which
was a really nice touch.

Name: P Clark       Location: Sussex     Date of Holiday: Dec 12

We liked Alpe d' Huez very much. Not a big resort but plenty to
keep you going for a week.  Nice friendly place. Quite a lot of
button lifts and the seats on the gondola are dreadful, but
don't let that put you off. Good place for beginners with lots
of green runs, but also plenty of blues, reds and blacks. 
Lovely views. 

Just one thing - don't go to La Cabane restaurant
on the piste above Bergers. We waited 90 minutes to be served
food that was cold and in two out of six cases not what we had
ordered. Valuable ski-ing time lost.

Name: Alistair      Location: Highland   Date of Holiday: Feb 11

I went with my school to the Hotel Belle Aurore and had a 
brilliant time. The resort was great but a shame the Sarenne was
closed as I was really looking forward to that. The instructors
at ESF were amazing and I recommend Alpe d'Huez to ANY skier or

Name: Nathan        Location: Devon      Date of Holiday: Mar 10

Everything was great - fast lifts, perfect runs! Have a friend
who owns a chalet at Le Christiania so that was awesome too. The
Sarenne run is definately a great experience as is the tunnel
run. Lots of great pistes from beginner to advanced and the
skiing offpiste in the powder is great too... Would definately
recommend for beginners through to advanced skiiers! Booked for
10 days in Jan 11 already.

Name: Ange          Location: Lancs      Date of Holiday: Feb 10

Dodgy start to holiday - 2 hour delay followed by 4 hours to do
the 1.45 hour transfer because of the snow! You would think they
would be used to snow in a ski resort!

Would return to Alpe d'Huez for the skiing but the accommodation
and the price of food and drink I could happily not do again.
Lots of flat areas between lifts so arms like Arnie at the end of
the week, but when you do get to the slopes, really good skiing.
Lots of challenging blues and reds. 

From looking at the other reviews it seems that all the
accommodation is rubbish but if you look on it as somewhere to
rest your head after a fabulous days skiing then you won't be

Name: John          Location: Manchester Date of Holiday: Feb 10

Stayed at the Bel Alpe with Ski Miguel. Great hotel, great staff
who catered for every need.

Name: Paul          Location: Sussex     Date of Holiday: Feb 10

Second year running at Alpe d'Huez and had a wonderful time - 
lots of snow and great ski-ing.  Only downside is that the MGM
ESI ski school was very unprofessional.  Although we booked well
in advance they could not place any of us in suitable groups for
our ages and skiing ability.  We agreed to move to 2 hour pm
sessions from the 2.5 hr morning sessions only to be put in a
group with 8 under 10's - we are 41, 18 and 14!!  In the end we
gave up on the lessons, no apologies or refunds from MGM - we
wasted almost 450 Euros!  Go with ESF who have the scale and
resources to run a proper ski-school.

Name: Jason         Location: Sussex     Date of Holiday: Dec 09

It's been our 4th time to Alpe d'Huez and we are returning again
for Christmas 09. Snow is an issue but I think that's true for
any resort now and we've always been fairly lucky there. If you
want to try a different ski school to the ESF then try MGM. All
our family has learnt with them including our 3 year old!! Who
still remembers his instructors name :)  

Accommodation can be hit and miss, we go with the attitude that
it's somewhere to sleep and we're out all day. We go self 
catering and drive ourselves because the prices have gone through
the roof - beer and coke being very expensive. 

People have always been very good to get on with. Had the
misfortune of snapping my arm in 2006 had to get airlifted/ 
operation etc. I was with my son who at the time was only 13.
They took great care of him until more family arrived as they
wouldn't allow him in the helicopter.

It's a great place to start out with family skiing of mixed
ability. If you're more experienced etc then it may get a little
samey for you. ENJOY.

Name: Alan          Location: -          Date of Holiday: Feb 09

We came to the resort last year and had a great time. This time,
the skiing is still great with many runs for all levels of 
skiers. The costs have risen considerably and along with the
price of the euro being high, it was a very expensive holiday.
Beer at 6.5eu per pint, coke at 3.5eu per half and a jug of tap
water with the meal 4.2eu! We were told lift prices are going
up again next year but that's not a problem as we will not go
again. What a rip off. We stayed at Apartment Bel Alpe run by Ski
Miguel. These apartments are in a very poor state. They need a
full refurb. Staff included. 

Name: Tim           Location: -          Date of Holiday: Feb 09

We had an excellent time in Alpe d'Huez, and benefited from the
two weeks of snow before we arrived, and the glorious sunshine
whilst we were there. The resort is excellent for skiers of all

The Les Melezes apartments are old fashioned, and although they
were warm and had plenty of hot water, they are desperately in
need of modernisation, and don't expect them to be clean when you
arrive; our apartment was a bit grotty, and then the owners have
the cheek take a 200 euro deposit when you arrive and offer you a
cleaner for 45 euro when you leave!! No thanks!

We will however return to Alpe d'Huez in the near future, and
would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Name: Matthew       Location: Reading    Date of Holiday: Feb 09

Stayed in Les Horizons D'Huez and the apartment was awful. Very
cramped, old, smelly and overpriced. Will never stay there again
and recommend that you don't either. Resort is purpose built and
lacks character. I have been skiing for 12 years and while the
lift system is extensive it is very unreliable. Every single day
the lifts stopped while we were on them (sometimes for 15 mins),
they are in urgent need of a massive upgrade. Queues weren't too
bad except for the normal morning rush.

Skiing was good with loads for everyone. Some of the easier black
runs got crowded towards the end of the week with the first time
black runners giving them a go (and good luck to them) so they
are best avoided if you want to speed down them. 

Name: Jo            Location: -          Date of Holiday: Feb 09

Spent half term at FranceLoc Ecrin D'Huez apartments which were
very poor. Location was fine but apartments were very small with
very little equipment. The beds were all pull out and very
cramped. Will never stay there again and would not recommend to
any others.

The resort itself was excellent. Snow was fantastic and standard
of ski school very good. All instructors were helpful and
friendly. Will return to Alpe D'Huez but will stay in alternative
accommodation - would recommend Les Bergers Hotel and Pic Blanc
Hotel - we will be staying there next time. The lifts get busy in
the mornings but the queue goes down quickly. Fantastic skiing
for intermediates and beginners. 

Name: Georgia       Location: Luton      Date of Holiday: Jan 09

I went with the school and it was amazing!! Great slopes and the
snow was fantastic. I enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back it
was really good! Lots of things to do.

Name: Jo & Scott    Location: -          Date of Holiday: Jan 09

Well, third time visited and we think it is a fab resort.
Thankfully, snow has been predominant on all three occasions
which always makes any ski resort great. Good choice of slopes/
lifts/bars/restaurants. In fact, no complaints.

Name: Grace         Location: -          Date of Holiday: Dec 08

It was fantastic, I loved it and the slopes were so enjoyable. 
The views were amazing! The green slope was so fun even though it
was the easiest but the highlight for me is the black slope. Its
so fast. I loved the whole holiday!

Name: Kirsty        Location: Scotland   Date of Holiday: Mar 08

It was amazing!!! I went with my school for a week and I really
enjoyed it. Took me a while to get used to the snow and one of my
instructors was not really nice to me but apart from that it
was great. I would go again. 

Name: Sam           Location: -          Date of Holiday: Feb 08

Alpe d'Huez was the best. I went skiing for 1 week and had a
great time with my dad, brother and mum. That's been the third
time now and I can't wait to go again.

Name: John Smith    Location: Reading    Date of Holiday: Feb 08

We stayed at Les Bergers VVF apartments. We had booked through 
Iglu, a 2 to 3 apartment but got a 4 person. A lot better than
our expectation. The apartment is right outside the Marmotte
bubble, ski to the door. Snowed all day Monday, great runs in new
snow Tuesday in glorious sun. The boarders liked Auris best, the
tunnel had too many moguls to make good boarding. I hired snow
shoes and walked to a few piste bars via L'alpette/ OZ, across
the frozen lake. Hang glider flights from the airport from 40 to
90 Euros. Beer was 6 Euros a pint. A great holiday.

Name: Jack Perchard Location: Windsor    Date of Holiday: Feb 08

I had an amazing time. I went for just one week and stayed at 
L'Ours Blanc. I have now been to Alpe d'Huez for the 3rd week
and I can't wait to go again.  

Name: Jill Boyd     Location: Nairn      Date of Holiday: Feb 08

Omggg it was amazing. Was away with my school, totally had a good 
time. It was the first time I had ever been skiing and the
beginner slopes were amazing. They were for all different kinds
of learners and different steepness. The weather was super as it
snowed on the Monday and sunny the rest of the week. I will
definitely return.

Name: Dean          Location: London     Date of Holiday: Jan 08

Had a fantastic time on the slopes in Alpe d'Huez, the snow was 
perfect and plenty of runs for all abilities. The green runs near
the resort are great for beginners, whilst venturing up on the
Marmottes bubble or DMC will take you to some challenging blues,
reds or blacks (depending on where you get off). 
Read full review

Name: Alex          Location: Midlands   Date of Holiday: Feb 07

The resort has good shops. The black run is good and fun but it 
is a whole day if you take your time. We did it in 20 minutes 
with 4 of us but we saw no views and it was tiring. There are 
good restaurants and pubs.

Name: L Trueman     Location: Hermitage  Date of Holiday: Feb 07

I would recommend the hotel and resort to everybody. The hotel is
run by Crystal Ski and everyone speaks English and is very
helpful and friendly. Read full review

Name: C Gratwick    Location: -          Date of Holiday: Jan 07

Poor snow conditions the first week resulted in limited skiing at 
lower areas with a lot of hard icy, narrow pistes. Second week
snow was better but still not very good. Compared to Three 
Valleys, Espace Killy, Paradiski and Avoriaz area we, as skiers
of some 45 years experience were disappointed. 

Great for beginners and possibly experts (if the runs are open)
but generally the longer blues and reds are often narrow, 
sometimes steep and icy or have long flat sections between the
quite challenging very steep bits. The terrain is restrictive and
the south facing slopes subject to much snow variation during the
day. Unlike the other bigger ski areas of France where we have
skied several times previously we will not be returning. 
Fortunately a couple of days in Les deux alpes made up for the
poor runs at Alpe d'huez. 

Name: A Sillwood    Location: Herts      Date of Holiday: Jan 07

The range of ski runs in Alpe d'Huez is excellent with some good
wide runs for the beginners, nice long runs for intermediates 
(like me) and challenging black runs for the really good skiiers.
The slopes were not crowded, with excellent accommodation and
secluded mountain restaurants.

We stayed in Villard Reculas at the La Source Ski chalet  (fully 
catered - luxury) and had lessons with the English Masterclass
Ski School in Alpe d'Huez to improve our skiing technique. Access
from Villard was easy every morning via the quad chair lift, and
the easy ski run back every night usually involved a stop at the
local mountain restaurant. A really good week enjoyed by all.

Name: Emma          Location: London     Date of Holiday: Mar 06

Had a great time in Alpe d'Huez - according to the rep we went on 
the best week of the season with non-stop sunshine. It had snowed
for 2 weeks before we arrived so the skiing was great although a
bit icy by the end. Stayed in Bergers Apartments which were very
handy for the Marmottes and Auris lifts. Favourite pistes were
the runs down to Villard-Reculas.      

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